Eloise Shelton-Mayo


A fascination with the transient nature of time and how we relate to place and each other, are the psychological  underpinnings of Eloise’s paintings.   Her artworks are influenced by themes of nature, home, transition and memory. “I’m most interested in creating layers that compel like a visual poem,” the artist explains.  Eloise’s mostly abstract paintings use acrylic paint, collage, oil & cold wax and encaustic. 

Teaching as an adjunct for Tidewater Community College for ten years in art & design was rewarding and taught Eloise about how people with diverse backgrounds, take in new information and learn design. More recently, she is teaching on-line workshops, and continuing with in-person ones.  Her work is in several galleries locally, as well as in private and public collections including at TCC.
Eloise and her family moved a lot living throughout the US and Europe as her father was in the Air Force. As a child she enjoyed creative writing, drawing and making up plays to act out with friends. However, it wasn’t until classes at TCC’s Visual Art Center to upgrade graphic design skills in her late 30’s that she had the good fortune of drawing professors like Rob Hawks and Nicki Webb , and design and painting professor Corinne Lillyard-Mitchel. In Corinne’s painting classes, Eloise fell in love with painting.
Her background includes a BA in English from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, a studio arts degree from Tidewater Community College at the Visual Arts Center, as well as study with many highly-regarded contemporary artists. Before teaching, Eloise worked for over a decade as an Ad Designer at the N&O newspaper in Raleigh, NC.  She lives in Virginia Beach with her husband Joseph, daughter Catherine and pets.

 Instagram: eloisepaints    FB Group: Eloise Paints Workshops